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Commercial Trash Service: Conquering Space Thieves

It is very frustrating to own a business, pay the cost of a commercial trash service, and then have total strangers sneak their own refuse in your containers. People who utilize your trash container may do it rarely or maybe regularly.

Reasons Why People 'Borrow' the Dumpster Space

People often have more trash during the holidays or when they host a special event. Sneaking trash into a nearby dumpster happens often around the Christmas holidays because people have more guests and mounds of trash that result from opening numerous Christmas gifts. Other reasons are when citizens have something large that isn't in good enough shape to donate to a charity, like an old worn out bicycle, broken chair or an antiquated TV that they need to throw away.

Reasons Why This Habit is Annoying

Many business owners pay for a receptacle that is large enough to hold all the garbage that the business generates in a week. They pay the commercial trash service to collect it once a week or more. If the container overflows before the trash is collected, the business owner has no choice except to dispose of the trash on his own. This may mean a lengthy drive to a landfill, costing him her time, money and gasoline.

This Habit Increases the Overhead Cost

If people continually dump trash into the business' dumpster, the owner will have no choice except to pay for a larger receptacle or ask for collections that are more frequent. This increases the price of running the business. Many commercial trash services have a weight limit and if you go over the limit, an additional cost is charged to the business owner.

Ways to Prevent this Practice

There are ways to prevent this theft of your commercial trash space. They include:

  1. Ask a commercial trash service, such as E.L. Harvey & Sons to supply you with a container that has a lock on it. Although unlocking the container is a bit more troublesome for you and your employees when the trash is taken out, this prevents others from using the receptacle illegally.
  2. Install a security camera to catch individuals who continually rob you of your trash receptacle space. Even installing a fake camera on the building can be an effective deterrent.
  3. Invest in a sign or large sticker to put on the trash container or ask the commercial trash service if they will provide you with one. A sign that says you will prosecute anyone who is caught dumping illegally or something of that nature can be enough of a threat to stop this type of thievery.
  4. Installing a fence with a gate that locks is a costly but very effective way to insure that no one illegally dumps trash in your receptacle. Caution your employees that locking the gate after dumping the trash is very important.

Small costs can add up in a big way when your bottom line is at risk. Don't let individuals, who in all likelihood don't mean any harm, increase the cost of running your business. Be proactive in preventing this annoying--yet costly--crime.