Learning To Recycle

Learning To Recycle

2 Reasons To Utilize A Recycling Service

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Recycling services are very versatile and can provide you with a wide range of benefits, mostly because they can recycle a large range of different materials. These types of services can help you get rid of everything from scrap metal to plastics and electronics. Listed below are two of the reasons to take advantage of a recycling service. Versatile Service Options One nice benefit provided by recycling services is that there are a wide range of recycling services available that can make it quite convenient for you to get rid of your scrap or unwanted materials. For example, you can take advantage of a recycling center that allows you to simply drive up and start unloading your scrap or have the recycling center come to your home and pick up the materials if you do not have a truck or are unable or unwilling to load a lot of heavy scrap. In addition, you can also find recycling services that allow you to ship materials to be recycled to the center. In most cases, this service is restricted to electronics recycling. This service works by having you list the items that you are recycling on the service’s website, after which the service will send you a box and shipping label to ship the items to them. After the items are received, you will receive a check or electronic transfer for any money that you are entitled to for the recycled item. Safe Disposal Of Electronics Another reason to utilize a recycling service is because they can safely dispose of electronic devices for you. This is very important as some components in your electronic devices can be quite toxic to the environment if they are allowed to decompose or break down in a garbage dump or junkyard. This is especially true when it comes to the batteries that power many portable devices, as the metals used within them can cause damage to the air, soil, and water when the batteries break down in a landfill.  Thankfully, a recycling service can help you avoid this issue by not only salvaging and reusing as many components as possible from your electronic devices, but also ensuring that any mercury, lithium, cobalt, and nickel are kept out of landfills. The aforementioned materials are often separated from the batteries and electronic devices and used in other applications due to the potential damage to the environment and to avoid a shortage of those materials in the future as supplies run out. Contact a recycling service, such as C-TEC Compactors & Balers, today in order to discuss the many service options that they can offer you. These types of services can offer versatile recycling options for a wide variety of materials, while also disposing of electronics in a safe...

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Making Business-Level Computer Refreshing Easier

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Computer refreshes are all about pushing out old computer systems and bringing in new systems. Your business may be upgrading from decade-old systems, in search of the newest systems or simply staying in compliance with your business partners, but the current computers simply need to go. There are multiple ways to go about the move, but recycling needs to be a part of the process, no matter the goal or age of the systems. Take a look at a few refresh planning concepts to get the most out of computer recycling during large-scale computer refresh moves. Recycling Option One: Parts Salvaging If your computers aren’t ancient relics of early personal computing (which includes business workstations, as they’re still personal computers), there may be some parts that can be used to repair or even upgrade the newer computers. In that case, what defines an old computer? The age of a computer doesn’t matter as much as the specifications and standards used. Are the individual parts at a similar or faster speed? Will the components fit, or are they following an older connection standard? If the parts aren’t as fast, powerful or robust, can they be added to the new system without taking features away? For some computer parts, the benefits are additive. This means that by attaching the new part, you’re only gaining more benefits rather than slowing the system down. Old hard drives can be added to the computer as additional storage, allowing technicians to either retrieve old business information or define the old drives as bulk storage. Random Access Memory (RAM) can be added for a bit of extra, faster information retrieval as long as the physical notches fit together.  During computer refresh planning, make sure that technicians know which parts to remove and where to place the parts. Defining electronics-safe bins for placement inside the computer-staffed departments can make removal fast and localized, allowing technicians to get to other parts of the refresh project faster. Recycling Option Two: Scrap Materials Some parts may not be useful for future computers. Either because of their age or being completely broken, the parts may be destined for the trash. Instead of throwing out the electronics completely, look at a list of recyclable materials that can be taken to a recycling center: Hard drives. These components are encased in aluminum shells, which can be removed with a basic screwdriver set–although a small, precision or jeweler’s screwdriver set may work better. Inside the hard drives are rare earth magnets, which are sought after by recycling centers and magnet enthusiasts. Computer cases. The cases are usually covered in plastic, but include an aluminum or steel framework. The metal can be folded or crushed for compact storage or simply loaded as they are for transport to recycling centers. Power supplies. Although power supplies contain a lot of copper and aluminum, they can be dangerous to open due to the long-term storage of electricity in the capacitors. Only certified electricians should work inside power supplies, so simply have technicians remove and place the power supplies into a storage bin for recycling. Computer components can be heavy, so make sure to have a convenient removal staging area outside of your building. Avoid sending technicians or any removal staff to dumpsters, as computer loading can be physically...

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Tips For Finding Metal That You Can Recycle

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There are a lot of recycling centers that will pay for the scrap metal that you bring in. Of course, they pay according to the type of metal and the amount that you bring in. However, you first need to figure out where to grab metal that you can turn in for some quick cash. To help you with this, you will want to check out the following suggestions. Advertise For Free Pick-Up You might be surprised at the amount of people that have a lot of scrap metal sitting around on their property. They either do not know what to do with it or they do not have a truck to haul it all to the recycling yard on their own. Other people just really do not want bothered with it and the standard garbage collection companies will not haul such things away for them, especially if the pieces are considered building materials such as old pipes. All you need to do is advertise in your local paper or online that you are willing to come and remove old scrap metal, such as building materials or broken appliances, completely free of charge. You, of course, get to earn your money when you cash it all in at the recycling center. Clean Up A Few Local Roads It is important to make sure that you are only doing this during the day and that you are wearing a reflective jacket or vest so that drivers can easily spot you. Pick a few local roads that are known for being used as a dumping ground for garbage as people walk or drive by. Have two garbage bags with you. One you will use to pick up the regular trash for a dumpster. The other will be for things that can be turned into the recycling center for cash, such as cans. By doing this, you will not only make some extra money, but you will be helping the environment and your town as a whole. Stop By A Home That Is Under Obvious Construction Homeowners that are remodeling their own homes may end up with some scrap metal that they do not want to deal with. You could always stop by houses that are obviously being worked on and offer your metal removal services free of charge. They might be thrilled to take you up on that offer since they may already have their hands full dealing with many other tasks. You could end up with a lot of wiring, pipes, appliances, or duct work that can add up to be a nice chunk of money. With those few tips in mind, you should find it rather easy to gather enough metal to turn in for cash at a local recycling center like Main Street...

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Confused About What To Do With All Your Trash? Hire A Trash Hauling Company

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Trying to determine what you should and should not recycle and where to take it all can be a bit confusing. While the municipal trash company will leave recycling bins at your home for you to use, they are not going to take care of all the trash you have. When you are concerned about saving the environment, and keeping landfills to a minimum, it takes more than just separating your plastics and papers. Here are some of the things a trash hauling company, such as Waconia Roll-Off Service, may do for you to help with your recycling efforts. Appliance Pickup Household appliances, both small and large, are made of metals and plastics. If the item is not working and cannot be repaired, a trash hauling service will take the unit apart so that everything can be properly recycled. If the unit can be repaired, the service may fix it to sell as a used unit or donate it to a charity. Either way, the piece is not going to be taking up space in a landfill and leaching chemicals into the earth. Hazardous Wastes Trying to properly dispose of all the hazardous wastes from your home takes a bit of work. Plastic bottles that held cleaning products, batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs are just a few of the items in your home that should not go in the regular trash. When you use a trash hauling service, they will take all the hazardous items and dispose of them according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements. Old Electronics Old computers, cell phones and televisions can be either recycled or taken apart for their metals and plastics. The trash hauling company will know the best way to get rid of them without causing any damage to the environment. You can collect all your old electronics into one spot and have the hauling company come get them all at once. If you have large televisions, they will even haul them from inside if needed. You can contact a trash hauling company to come out to your home once a month if you want. Keep everything they will take in one area of the garage or basement and let them get it all at once. After the first couple of months you will be able to figure out how often you need this type of trash hauling and can schedule the pickups accordingly. Of course, any time you have large items that you do not have room to store, such as appliances or furniture, you can call and ask for them to come get. Your trash will all be handled the way it should in order to protect the environment, without any extra work on your...

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Four Tips To Help You Get Organized When Collecting Scrap For Recycling

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If you want to make a little extra money, recycling scrap metal can be fun. There are many different sources of scrap metal, which can be worth a lot of money at your local recycling center. There are also some metals that can easily be confused for less valuable steel, which is why you will want to know what to look for when collecting your scrap. Here are some tips to help you get started with collecting scrap metals: 1. Separate All The Non-Ferrous Steel You Find There are many different types of steel. The non-ferrous alloys like stainless steel can be very valuable. Even galvanized steel will be worth more than plain steel when you take it in for recycling. It is a good idea to separate out all the non-ferrous types when collecting scrap metal. To know what is non-ferrous, use a magnet. If the magnet does not stick to the metal, this means it is a non-ferrous material. 2. The Heavy Metals That Are Worth More Because Of Their Density There are also many heavy metals that can be worth a lot at the scrap yard because of their density. With metals like lead and brass, it does not take a lot to have a good amount of weight in metal. Lead is even very valuable, and can be found in areas like shower pans in old homes or in old plumbing systems. 3. Know What Is Aluminum When You Start Collecting Scraps Aluminum is another metal that you may come across a lot when collecting scrap metal. It can be found in old metal siding and other building materials, such as awnings. Many compact and modern cars also have a lot of aluminum in parts, such as transmissions and even engine blocks. 4. Finding The Valuable Metals In Unusual Places There are also valuable metals that can be found in unusual places, such as platinum in catalytic converters or gold in modern electronics. Some of these materials can be difficult to refine, but they are worth a lot of money. If you have catalytic converters, it is important that you leave them together when taking them in for recycling because they will not be worth much if you break them open. These are some tips to help you with your scrap collecting efforts. If you have enough metal saved, contact a scrap metal service, like Full Circle Recycling,  to get current prices on the metals you plan on...

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3 Ways To Clean Up After A Move

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Moving to a new home can be exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time. It takes a lot work to get everything moved over to your new place. After moving everything, you are left with a lot of items that need to go in the trash. Here are three ways to clean up after moving. Rent a Dumpster If you are planning to sell your old house, then you want to get it cleaned up as soon as possible. This type of clean up may take a little while. You have collected items for years that you never got around to throwing away. Some items cannot be picked up by your local garbage men. If you need to remove debris  from your yard, then you need to contact a dumpster rental company. Dumpster rental companies offer roll off containers and dumpsters in a variety of sizes. A dumpster allows you to work fast and to remove more items at one time.  Ask Community Groups for Help There are community groups in some cities that help the elderly to clean up their yard. These groups are available in lower income neighborhoods. The mission is to empower the young people and to encourage them to keep their neighborhoods clean. It helps to see what is available in your community.  If you want to go this route, then you should contact the group and ask about their clean up projects. You should also donate time or money if the group decides to help. Ask Your Loved Ones for Help If you are low on money and do not have a lot of manpower, then you can ask your family and friends for help. It is a good idea to include someone with a truck. You will have to take several loads to your local landfill. The landfill also charges a fee for you dumping items at their facility.  If you are going to do a family clean up, then you need to be good at organizing. Everyone should have a specific job. It prevents people from goofing and dragging out the clean up.  Most families want to move as soon as possible. This is possible if you organize the entire move. You should have a plan for moving debris from inside and outside of your home. The main goal is to have your old property clean by the time you are ready to move into your new house. For information about recycling some of the trash, contact a company such as Lakeshore...

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What Happens To Your Trash Once It Leaves Your Curb

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It can be easy to forget about your trash once it has been picked up and your trash can has been emptied. However, your trash does not just disappear after it is picked up outside of your home. Your waste management company has to do something with your trash; here are the top three ways of getting rid of your trash that waste management companies employ. Dumped At The Landfill Many waste management companies take your trash straight to your local landfill. Once they get to the landfill, they simply dump the trash that they picked up that day into the landfill. Most landfills rotate where the trash is dumped every day. This helps them evenly spread the trash out over the landfill and it also helps them have more control of the decomposition process. Most landfills use a similar method to control the trash that is dumped there every day. They use equipment to spread out the trash, then they use additional equipment to smash and compact the trash. Finally, they put a layer of dirt on top of the trash to help with the decomposition process. Then, they repeat the process again and again. Burned Up Other waste management companies burn their trash through an incineration process. All the trash that is picked up every day is burned. The energy that is created through burning the trash is sometimes stored and used to create usable energy for your community. Other times, the energy that is created is simply released. This process creates a lot of ash; this ash may then be taken to a landfill. One of the major ideas behind the incineration process of trash is that it greatly reduces the amount of trash in landfills and reduces the amount of space needed in a landfill to deal with the trash that is generated every day. Sorted And Recycled Finally, some waste management companies take all of their trash and put it through a sorting and recycling process. This allows them to pull out materials that can be reused again. Many waste management companies then resell these materials to other businesses that turn your trash into usable material again. Whatever cannot be recycled is then take to the local landfill. This process reduces the amount of waste that goes into the landfill each day and also ensures that all the resources and material that are thrown away are properly used each day. Call your waste management company today and find out what they do with your trash. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, but your waste management company does not sort and recycle your trash, you may want to look into other waste management companies in your area. Contact a company like B-P Trucking Inc to get...

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Commercial Trash Service: Conquering Space Thieves

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It is very frustrating to own a business, pay the cost of a commercial trash service, and then have total strangers sneak their own refuse in your containers. People who utilize your trash container may do it rarely or maybe regularly. Reasons Why People ‘Borrow’ the Dumpster Space People often have more trash during the holidays or when they host a special event. Sneaking trash into a nearby dumpster happens often around the Christmas holidays because people have more guests and mounds of trash that result from opening numerous Christmas gifts. Other reasons are when citizens have something large that isn’t in good enough shape to donate to a charity, like an old worn out bicycle, broken chair or an antiquated TV that they need to throw away. Reasons Why This Habit is Annoying Many business owners pay for a receptacle that is large enough to hold all the garbage that the business generates in a week. They pay the commercial trash service to collect it once a week or more. If the container overflows before the trash is collected, the business owner has no choice except to dispose of the trash on his own. This may mean a lengthy drive to a landfill, costing him her time, money and gasoline. This Habit Increases the Overhead Cost If people continually dump trash into the business’ dumpster, the owner will have no choice except to pay for a larger receptacle or ask for collections that are more frequent. This increases the price of running the business. Many commercial trash services have a weight limit and if you go over the limit, an additional cost is charged to the business owner. Ways to Prevent this Practice There are ways to prevent this theft of your commercial trash space. They include: Ask a commercial trash service, such as E.L. Harvey & Sons to supply you with a container that has a lock on it. Although unlocking the container is a bit more troublesome for you and your employees when the trash is taken out, this prevents others from using the receptacle illegally. Install a security camera to catch individuals who continually rob you of your trash receptacle space. Even installing a fake camera on the building can be an effective deterrent. Invest in a sign or large sticker to put on the trash container or ask the commercial trash service if they will provide you with one. A sign that says you will prosecute anyone who is caught dumping illegally or something of that nature can be enough of a threat to stop this type of thievery. Installing a fence with a gate that locks is a costly but very effective way to insure that no one illegally dumps trash in your receptacle. Caution your employees that locking the gate after dumping the trash is very important. Small costs can add up in a big way when your bottom line is at risk. Don’t let individuals, who in all likelihood don’t mean any harm, increase the cost of running your business. Be proactive in preventing this annoying–yet costly–crime....

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Picking Out Recoverable Scrap inside Computer Components

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If you’re getting rid of an old computer, you might not realize that you can make some money off of the scrap metal. Aluminum from the case and copper wires on the inside can be observed with a few quick glances, but there’s a lot more metal and other materials that could fetch a nice price from scrap-metal buyers if you’re willing to find it. You’ll also need to know about the high-value materials that may only be available in small amounts. To figure out what’s worth your time, take a look at a few material recovery areas inside computer components. Hard Drives Are Full of Scrap Material The hard drive is used to store important information. All of your documents, videos, music, and the files needed to run the computer in general are located on the hard drive. Since it’s a device made of moving parts, it can fail due to wear and tear, making recovery efforts a waste unless the information has been backed up. If you’re not keeping the hard drive for future computers, keep in mind that the case is made out of aluminum or steel. The weight can be deceptive, as a lot of the weight comes from the glass-like platters used to store data. There is, however, platinum painted on the platters in a thin layer.  Instead of screws, some smaller components of the hard drive are held together using rare earth magnets. These magnets are not only valuable to general scrap buyers, but to the niche community of magnet collectors looking for rare earth magnets that are already designed into small, functional pieces. Computer Case Recycling The computer case may be one of the biggest areas for recovering metal, but looks can be deceiving. Many modern cases are covered with plastic, which may give the illusion of lower metal content. There may be less aluminum (or steel) used per case depending on the design than in past years, but you can remove the plastic (often in acrylic form) fairly easily. Sliding tabs are used to lock the plastic covers in place, which can be moved to the side or pressed from the inside to release. If you’re just scrapping the computer and don’t care about reusing any of the parts, it’s possible to just rip off the more difficult parts. Be sure to wear work gloves, as the metal can become jagged when ripped. Eye protection may be necessary as well to avoid any broken plastic projectiles that may damage your face. The edges of the computer may be sharp due to a quick manufacturing process involving razor-thin cutting for panels and frames. Contact scrap metal buyers, such as Summit Recycling of Penn Hills, to discuss the computers you have on hand and the possible materials that could be...

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Four Tips To Help You Organize Demolition Waste For Reuse And Recycling

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If you are planning on having demolition done for renovations of a building, some of the materials may go directly to a landfill and others can be recycled. There may even be materials that you want to reuse during renovations. This is why it is important to keep all the materials of your project in order and keep things for recycling. Here are some tips that will help you manage demolition waste and separate the materials that can be reused or recycled: 1. Using Containers To Organize Waste One of the best ways to keep your project clean, is to use containers. You can use roll off containers to store different types of waste. This can be a container for domestic type waste, one for recyclable materials and another for the materials that you plan on reusing. This is also something that will help you keep your job site clean and easy to manage. 2. Separating Valuable Materials For Recycling You may also want to separate different valuable materials that you plan on recycling. This can be metals like steel, copper and aluminum. If there is a lot of material, you may want to keep them separated by the types of metals. Aluminum and copper materials will be much more valuable than steel. You may also want to keep materials like asphalt shingles and vinyl siding separated to make it easier to have these materials recycled. 3. Cleaning And Storing Materials To Reuse There can also be many materials that you want to reuse. This can be things like lumber that can be reused for carpentry and other uses. You can also reuse concrete by grinding it up in a hammer mill and reusing it for aggregate. If you plan on doing this on site, you will need to find a small mill that can be delivered to the project. 4. Repurposing Waste For New Materials For A Project You can also repurpose waste for your project. This can be done by doing things like using old timbers for wall coverings, chipping wood waste to use for landscaping ground cover and rewiring old lighting for new lights. Repurposing the materials and waste is finding new ways to use materials you have available. These are some tips to help you organize your demolition waste and decide what will get recycled. If you need help with the demolition of a project, contact a demolition service to get the help you need with the demolition and recycling of materials. To recycle used metal, contact a company such as Alpart Scrap Iron & Metals...

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